Executive Director – JoAnn Evans

“I feel privileged to have a role in the health care of our residents, which is why I have been in the skilled nursing field for more than 40 years. It is an honor to serve the residents and their families.”

Director of Nursing – Sally Borzick

“In this position, I am able to make a difference through caring for and providing services to our residents.  There is nothing I would rather be doing.”

Business Office Manager – Emily Lange

“In skilled nursing, there are always new experiences. It is great to be part of the experiences while helping our residents.”

Admissions – Rhonda Doherty

“Caring for our residents and providing them with services they need is fulfilling. It is so great being part of their lives.”

Director of Social Services – Cheryl Kracht

“Being in this position, I am able to work closely with our residents and provide them the compassion they need at this stage of life.”